About Us

Our Philosophy

Eat Better, Feel Better
Happiness through organic health foods

Our Aim

When people eat well, they feel great. At SWF our aim is to make as many people as we can smile and enjoy life through our fresh, natural and organic range of tasty products. We want happiness & good health to spread through the community.

Our Story

We have always had an interest in better ways of eating while enjoying food and feeling healthy for it.

Our passion in striving to eat tasty, but also healthier food made us realise not only how beneficial it can be for the mind & body, but also how many illnesses can be avoided or improved by eating better.

We decided to start SWF as a platform for the community to get more involved and interested in eating healthier foods to improve well being & feel happier for it.

It puts a smile on our face every time people order our product and tell us how great they feel after.

In today’s market it is not easy to eat awesome foods that are healthy. Our mission is to show people it is possible though our range of healthy products.

We are passionate about reaching out to everyone so our products are gluten free, vegan friendly & low GI.

Our concept is happy & healthy eating through high quality, vegan & gluten free products.

We currently supply a range of cafes across Adelaide with our products.